Create the Life You Desire with the Power of Rituals!

Create the Life You Desire with the Power of Rituals! - Scentuples

Today marks the first day of spring!

Did you know that in some Eastern European cultures they celebrate this day with good luck charms tied with a red and white silk cord? Traditionally, charms are symbolic, but they have evolved to be anything - as long as they have the red and white mark representative of "Martisor" or "Martenitsa". They continue to be a sign of love, friendship and respect for those they are gifted to.

The charms would be worn for 12 days, for a prosperous and healthy year. 

I found this useful article if you want to learn more about this tradition dating back thousands of years.

What We Practice, We Become:

The Power of Rituals to Create the Life You Desire

This year, the first day of spring is followed by a New Moon!  So much renewal energy! 
So why not jumpstart your life with a little self care ritual and smell good, feel good vibes?

In his book "The Power of Ritual: Turning Everyday Activities into Soulful Practices" Casper ter Kuile, Ministry Innovation Fellow at Harvard Divinity School, talks about how our meaningful practices can be ritualized. Our habits can feel like a ritual; for example, the way you put your kids to bed, or an evening walk with your partner. 
He talks about three things needed to make a habit into a ritual:

  1. Be intentional about it. Try, for example, to feel gratitude during the practice
  2. Be present during the practice. Multisensory things can help: finding a way to make it smell nice, or listen to something that helps you pay attention during the ritual.
  3. Repeat and be consistent about it

"With intention, attention, and repetition you can take an everyday habit and deepen it so that it becomes a meaningful ritual in your life" - Casper ter Kuile

Scentuples - Mood Alchemy offers an experience that encompasses all three of Casper ter Kuile's recommendations!

Learn more about our approach here.

Martisor Snow Drop

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