Promote mood alchemy for creating or enhancing self-esteem, unique perceptions and personalized experiences.

Open the world of handmade, boutique, niche perfume oils and pheromones to more people.

Impart to others the relation between scent, mood and lifestyle.

Scentuples is for and about the contemporary woman grounded in reality who needs a channel to escape and better herself, who wants new sensory experiences grounded in science.

Enabling possibilities, opening new worlds, creating memories and unique experiences; scent association and immersive olfactory experiences.

We value:
Clean perfuming practices. We never use animal products and we aim to strike a balance between natural and manufactured ingredients. Our blends are low toxicity, free of phtalates, aldehydes, parabens, and other stabilizers and fillers.

Sustainable packaging. Department store and large perfume houses' packaging often accounts for 60%-80% of the off the shelf product. That means that when you buy a bottle for $100, you only get $20-$40 worth of actual perfume liquid. What's worse, that packaging is damaging to the environment!
At Scentuples we pride ourselves in innovative, sustainable packaging, always aiming to minimize our waste. We use engraved glass bottles, paper boxes and shipping materials that are recyclable and have a minimal impact on the environment. Aside from the perfume oil applicator and minimal bottle labels, all our packaging is recyclable. Even the metallic stamping!

Products based on science. Our products are made with researched ingredients, with the desired effect in mind. 

Here is a recent example of a study that supports our pink grapefruit and vanilla perfume oils' intended effects:

"grapefruit combined with vanilla, and baby powder odorants is suggested to be especially effective. The patent makes the claim that smelling such an odorant/odorant mixture for somewhere between three seconds and a minute, but preferably for at least 20 s will reduce a man’s anxiety and also elevate his sense of well-being. In turn, this will result in his having a more positive view of the physical attributes of the woman, for example, perceiving her to be younger than without the fragrance. The magnitude of this crossmodal effect on age perception is suggested to be about 10% (or 4–10 years)."

Mood Alchemy