Why Scentuples?

There is more to perfume than smelling good: feeling good!

Most of us wear perfume because we enjoy a scent. But have you ever intentionally used a scent to change the way you feel?
Created with women and especially mothers in mind, our concept pairs perfume oils with self care to build confidence, uplift mood and help you find yourself again, manifesting your best life.
Microbrewed in the USA, our perfumes are vegan, cruelty free, clean, and discreet. Try them out with our 5 minute scent association method!

Clean Perfuming Practices


Mood Alchemy
Perfume Oils & Pheromones

What Our Customers Say

I'm a mom and have been looking for ways to feel sexy again, especially on the rare occasion I get to go on a date with my husband. I was intrigued by the Luna+ promise, and it did not disappoint. I used a few dabs of the sample vial, got dressed in something that helps me feel confident (you know, a mom body is always a post partum body), and listened to the Luna mirror visualization. It was the perfect way to get in the mindset and mood for date night, my husband even noticed a difference! Needless to say, it was a sensual experience for both of us, and my husband loves the scent!

Laura C.

Wow, the scent association method is so simple yet effective! I've seen similar approaches with aromatherapy - in way, this is aromatherapy - but never with perfume! I don't meditate, and I found the 5minute recording to be calming, empowering and congruent with the scent I picked. It helped me solidify the mood I was trying to shift to. I also like that the perfume oil doesn't smell like any other commercial fragrance I've worn before, but it's also not like applying some lavender essential oil on your pulse points. You actually get to smell divine.

Daria M.

I was skeptical about the pheromone products. While there is a slight learning curve to making the most out of them, I've had some clear positive effects from Solume+! It helped me feel more uplifted and in turn, those around me cheered up as well. I'm happy I gave it a try!

Anna B.