Our Story


At Scentuples, we believe in the ability of scent to promote empowerment and to create feelings of joy and confidence that help women thrive. Combining the theories of mood alchemy with overall wellbeing, Scentuples offers a selection of handcrafted perfume oils designed to enhance your personal worth and to allow you to embrace who you truly are. While offering a journey rooted in perfume and pheromones, we celebrate the relation between scent, mood and lifestyle to offer a complete experience that makes you feel your best. Our unique formulations go beyond scent working with your unique skin chemistry to help ground, restore and uplift your mood, as our overall ethos inspires a new way of living.

Founder and CEO

Scentuples & Women

With every important milestone comes rich life lessons that shape who we are and at times redirect our journey. Some of these life events challenge us, but through them we grow, while gaining a new sense of meaning and purpose. We say, embrace the change. Launched by a new mom, Scentuples was created with women in mind to help them reconnect to their emotions and to find themselves once again. Using the power of perfume and pheromones, your journey of transformation begins. Scentuples opens a world of new and exciting experiences as we share our belief that our emotions are influenced by the olfactory experiences that guide our senses.

 Mom and son

Clean Perfuming & Pheromones

While offering a mixture of lab created scents and ethically sourced, fragrance oils to enhance your sensuality and uplift your mood, we play with pheromones to further excite the senses and to strengthen your experiences. Taking a scientific approach that combines natural and lab created ingredients that are always cruelty free and vegan, we select perfumes with care for each customer based on their special wants and needs. 
We partner with indie perfume houses that have decades of experience to bring you only the best!

Every customer journey is unique. Hence why the Scentuples team is always available to help you find your perfect match. As our business grows, we promise our commitment to your wellbeing and improved experiences will remain the same - welcome!