Why does my concentrated perfume oil not smell as strong as a spray perfume?

Spray based perfume may seem strong on application because it quickly dissipates into a cloud of olfactory molecules around you, having more throw than perfume oil.
While perfume in spray form may seem "strong" at first, it often evaporates within 2-3 hours. Perfume oils stick to your skin for 4-5 hours - sometimes 12 or more depending on the fragrance blend! Perfume oils are activated by the heat of your skin, so apply them to the areas that get warmer if you want them to radiate out more.
Perfume oil sticks to the application site. If you apply it to your pulse points, only those close enough to your skin will be able to smell it, as it does not leave your personal space. Perfume oils are first and foremost for your own enjoyment! Moreover, you won’t have to offend those around you if it’s not their cup of tea.

Can I layer Scentuples perfume oils?

Yes! We encourage you to experiment with layering our concentrated perfume oils for a new and unique scent profile! (But do not layer our pheromone blends)

Did you know that the scent of pink grapefruit, vanilla and baby powder (often created by blending notes of musk, sandalwood) created the perception of youth? In a 2021 study, men perceived women wearing this combination of scents to be 6 years younger!
How do you achieve a similar effect? By layering Scentuples Luna and Solume!

Can I layer Scentuples pheromone enhanced products?

We do not recommend layering our pheromone enhanced blends. These blends, while lab created, are bio-identical. By layering them you risk creating undesired effects, such as confusion and potential negative reactions in anyone who inhales the airborne molecules.

Why do the pheromone enhanced blends have a different odor when wet?

It is normal for pheromone enhanced blends to have a smell that stands out from the unehanced version. Pheromones are not odorless. These lab created molecules are bioidentical to the ones found in human secretions, such as underarm sweat and groin area. Imagine if we hadn't combined them with our beautifully smelling perfume oils!

To reduce the unpleasant odor, apply to skin only, avoiding hair and fabric, and wait for the product to dry before getting dressed. You can always layer Luna or Solume on top of a pheromone enhanced product for added scent coverage.

Are the pheromone enhanced products appropriate anytime?

We recommend you select the pheromone blend in accordance to the social environment you find yourself in.

Solume+ is appropriate most times, as it gives off a happy, uplifting vibe. This is ok to wear at home, in a social setting, in a corporate environment (but maybe not in the board room if you want to be taken seriously!)

Luna+ should be saved for times when being sensual and sexy is appropriate. As such, we do not recommend you wearing it in public if there is a risk to attract unwanted attention. Remember, Luna+ does have the sexual attraction effect.

I feel no effects from any of your products, can you help?

Scentuples does not guarantee our products will have the desired effect on everyone.
While our perfume oils and pheromones are powerful, they are just tools to help you reach the desired mental and emotional state. You are the key ingredient here!
We highly recommend you follow the application instructions and pair the scents with the audio recordings for best results.

Most of the time, you will notice the effects when you stop looking for them. So, apply the scent, be open to manifest the intent, listen to the correlated audio recording to amplify the desired effect, and go about your day! Magic will happen!