Feel the magic

Perfume Oils diffuse slower and therefore last much longer than spray based perfume. They should be applied on skin only.

Always do a patch test first to exclude any potential skin or respiratory sensitivity!

Here are some tips to enhance the scent enveloping your body and give you the best experience with our products!

Start With a Dab

1) Focus on applying the blend on wrists and torso.

2) If using a pheromone enhanced blend, we do not recommend applying it above the chest area. Avoid contact with hair and fabric when the pheromone blend is still wet.

Do Not Rub

3) Dab with your wrists or fingers. Rubbing can change the scent profile as the heat generated speeds up the diffusion of the top notes.

4) Reminder: it is normal for pheromones to have an (sometimes unpleasant) odor when wet.

Listen to the Associated Recordings to Amplify the Positive Feelings!

5) For best results, wait for the oil to be mostly dry before getting dressed.

6) Don't forget to enhance your experience with the Scentuples Scent Association Method!

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