Handmade Perfumes, Innovative Packaging and Self Care

Handmade Perfumes, Innovative Packaging and Self Care - Scentuples

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday... Whatever the day, the holiday shopping season has begun!
And since Scentuples is a (very) small business with a strong commitment to customers, our mission and values, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you what we are about, and what we stand for!

Microbrewed in the USA
The perfume oils and pheromones you are buying are hand made, in small batches, by a master perfumer. Because of the clean perfuming process used, small variations from one batch to the next are normal. 
The upside of buying clean perfume? It ages like wine! The notes continue to dance with each other into an ever smooth blend. A note that may appear sharp or overpowering can mellow out in a few weeks. So give your perfume art some time to do its magic if you don't fall in love with it at first whiff. 

Unique, Innovative, Sustainable Packaging
One key component of perfume experiences is packaging. Commercial perfume cost often accounts for up to 80% towards packaging alone! At Scentuples, I wanted to strike a balance between luxury and sustainability, while embodying feminine power. 
We use minimal plastic components and all our boxes are fully recyclable! The pyramid box is 100% a stand-alone puzzle - no glue used! 
Have you noticed that the glass bottle is engraved?

Scent Association Method
The idea that scent can be associated with memories and elicit certain emotions and behaviors in those exposed to olfactory stimuli is not new. Think of the smell of baked goods that take you back to your grandmother's home when you were a child: even after years have passed, you can still be transported back to those childhood days. The emotions the scent brings up are based on a learned experience that you associate with that scent.
Scentuples approach to smell and emotion is innovative in that we have created perfumes intended to elicit specific moods and emotions, and we help the wearer feel sensual, confident or uplifted through self care rituals that pair Scentuples perfume oils with audio recordings (similar to meditation) and even goal setting! The concept is simple but it requires consistency: apply our perfume oils and pheromones, immerse yourself into an olfactory experience by listening to the corresponding audio, and boost your results by nurturing the goals you wrote on the plantable wish paper (available with our full bottles)! 

Seed Wish Paper

Thank you for your continued support!

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