New Immersive Olfactory Experiences

New Immersive Olfactory Experiences - Scentuples

Research has shown that scent affects people's mood and behavior in various ways. However, scent does not act like a drug - it is the association of an event or feeling with that odor that elicits responses in humans. That is why at Scentuples we are creating new immersive olfactory experiences to help you live your best life!

The process looks a bit like this:

  1. We create scents that are commonly associated with certain positive feelings. Shop our perfume oils and pheromones!
  2. We then develop creative visualizations recordings to help the scent wearer bring those feelings forth. Try our Scent Association Method audio recordings!
  3. We augment the experience with goal setting, focus and repetition through planting and growing seeds! Get ready to manifest your dream life!
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