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What Our Customers Say

"Bold and discreet - perfect! I very rarely leave a review, but your "Why" resonated with me and the amazing perfumes you’ve created have become a discreet yet powerful daily reminder of the commitment I made to reinventing myself after becoming a mother. I have been using Solume+ for a few days now - the mirror visualisation complements the perfume beautifully and it’s become my non-negotiable ’me’ time. I find myself closing my eyes and taking a deep breath in throughout the day, to let the scent reset and motivate me. This is the first perfume oil I’ve ever used, I love the powerful boost it gives me without going beyond my personal space. It also lasts an incredible 12h on my skin! The box is unique as well! I’ve kept my perfume in its box, opening it everyday is part of the experience!"

Diana I.

"I love the scent so much. It’s also a scent that lasts all day. I have had sprays in the past that don’t last long enough. The packaging is beautiful and so is the bottle. I’m very happy with my purchase and cannot wait to get more :)"

Samantha T.

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